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Hashingbtc is one of the leading cryptocurrency mining platforms, offering cryptocurrency mining capacities in every range - for newcomers. Our mission is to make acquiring of cryptocurrencies easy and fast for everyone. We are group of professionals with old experience in cloud mining and crypto investment. We make sure that the profit of our investors speaks positively for us. Hashingbtc was founded in 2017. We've developed the world's Top Cloud Mining Platform with the most advanced deployment technology, Offering 1.5% of the world's BTC Hash Rate. More new product and services are in our pipeline. Our Team: Most of Hashingbtc team are from top dotcom companies. Over half of our team are R&D division who possess rich technological prowess. Our Vision: Hashingbtc aims to extend our business to the entire cryptocurrency industry chain in the future and serve global users with technology innovations. Get a bonus at the registration of your first mining plan and start mining! Invite your partners and get excellent referral accruals of 5% of the power purchased by a partner Our Customers support is 24/7. Therefore with our companys transparency policy, our customers have the right to receive any information they request at any time. below.


Ultimate performance at low cost

World Wide Service

Servicing over 200000 customers from 100+ countries

Multiple Cryptocurrencies

We are offering 10+ minable cryptocurrencies.

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